Avoiding OmniPod Static Failures

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Static interfering with the performance of medical devices is frustrating and annoying. If an OmniPod pod is zapped with static it may result in a pod failure and cause the pod to alarm (referred to as a “screaming pod”). Detailed are ideas to help eliminate static failures.

Detecting Static Failures / Avoiding Static Tips / Products

Detecting Static Failures

A pod that alarms and fails, keeps a reference of the failure in PDM settings. To determine if your pod failed due to static is achieved by calling OmniPod and providing the reference number of the failure to a Customer Care Representative. Keep in mind that OmniPod replaces failed pods free of charge (and will reimburse you for the cost of lost insulin).

To locate the reference code on the OmniPod Dash PDM, from the main menu choose the Notifications & Alarms menu option. Scroll to find the pod alarm notification with the reference code.

Avoiding Static Failures

  • Fabric Choices – Cotton clothes are a better choice to avoid static. Try to wear cotton closest to the device/skin and then layer with other fabrics. Fabrics like fleece, wool, nylon, synthetic and polyester attract static.
  • Static Guard Spray – Spray anti-static spray on clothing to help prevent static. Can also be sprayed on slides and other outdoor toys to eliminate static. You can make your own spray using equal parts liquid fabric softener and water in a spray bottle.
  • Duct Tape – Cover an entire pod with duct tape. Consider buying tape that has preprinted colors, designs and cartoon characters to decorate the pod.
  • Nail Polish – Paint the entire pod (excluding the adhesive) with nail polish to help prevent static. Paint all one color or let your artistic side show.
  • Dryer Sheet – Rub or tape (cut to size) a dryer sheet directly on the pod to help prevent static. Consider keeping a dryer sheet inside the case of the OmniPod PDM or your diabetes kit.
  • Paper Clips – Wearing a paper clip close to the pod on your clothing helps to dissipate static. Some people prefer a safety pin to a paper clip.
  • Safety Pin – Wearing a safety pin on your clothes helps to dissipate static. Some people prefer wearing paper clip to a safety pin.
  • Lotion – Rubbing lotion on the OmniPod can help reduce static. Avoid lotion on the adhesive as it will act as an adhesive remover.
  • Humidifier – Adding a humidifier to your home lowers static electricity. If you don’t have a humidifier, you can boil water in a tea kettle or in a pot on the stove.


  • Pump Pleelz – Vinyl stickers that are shaped perfectly to fit OmniPod.
  • Shapeways – Reusable OmniPod covers that cap on to the pod.
  • PumpSuitCover – German company offering reusable pod covers.

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