Donating Unused Supplies

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Donating unused diabetic supplies is a fantastic way to help other diabetics.

Organizations / Other Ideas


  • Insulin for Life – collects in-date & unneeded insulin, test strips, as well as other diabetes supplies, and ship them to developing countries. Donated supplies are distributed, free of charge, to children and adults with diabetes who otherwise would go without these lifesaving medications. To donate view:
  • CR3 Diabetes Association, Inc – collects supplies for people living with diabetes all over the world by providing knowledge, equipment and encouragement to those in need. To donate review their website for details.
  • SafeNexRx – provides affordable medication access to Iowans in need of assistance. Accepts sealed and unexpired lancets, syringes, needles, and glucose test trips.
  • Integrated Diabetes Services – collects many types of diabetes equipment and supplies (almost anything but lancets) to distribute by request to people with diabetes in the US and around the world.
    • To donate or request supplies, call 1-877-735-3648.
  • The Embrace Foundation – Diabetics helping Diabetics to send supplies to those who can’t obtain them. Donate supplies or complete a request form for T1D supplies.

Other Ideas

  • Dr’s Office – contact your Endo office to determine if they collect donated supplies.
  • Network – create your own network of individuals that could use your extra supplies by meeting them at local events like walks, Diabetes Camp, or Facebook groups.
  • Associations – contact your local JDRF or ADA associations.
  • T1D Rescue Warriors – Facebook group that helps Type 1 Diabetics find the insulin, diabetic supplies, referrals, and/or get questions and answers about hospitals and doctors in all towns across the world. 

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