Halloween Switch Witch

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The Switch Witch is a fun Halloween tradition that provides kids the opportunity to swap some or all their Halloween candy for a toy.

How It Works

  1. Towards the end of September read the Switch Witch book with your child.
  2. Talk with your child about the idea of swapping some or all their candy the night after trick-or-treating for a toy.
  3. Announce the arrival of the Switch Witch.
  4. On Halloween night, help your child decide which pieces of candy are for the Switch Witch to swap for a toy.
  5. The next morning the candy is gone, and a toy appears in its place.


My kids look forward to the arrival of the Switch Witch every October 1st. Part of the excitement is searching the house looking for where the Switch Witch has landed.

The Switch Witch is stuffed toy that the kids play with throughout the month of October. Once a week, we read the Switch Witch book and talk about how much candy they think they want to swap on Halloween night. We also discuss the toys they think would be a good swap.

Our family’s tradition is to keep 10 pieces of candy per child and then decide how much candy to swap with the Switch Witch. The kids have the choice to:

  • Swap all their candy for a large toy
  • Swap some of their candy for a medium toy
  • Swap very little candy for a small toy
  • Keep all the candy for no toy

The choice is theirs and part of the fun is deciding which option they want each year.

On Halloween night, I do have to have small, medium and large new toys on-hand. The toy options not chosen are given as Christmas gifts instead.

Making it Work for Your Family

The Switch Witch has many possibilities for building Halloween traditions in your home. The Switch Witch story allows for many interpretations and customized activities that work in every home.

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