Type 1 Valentine’s Day

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I like to create traditions around the holidays that I feel can easily be modified as my children grow. For Valentine’s Day, I created a tradition of giving a small basket/box that is filled with holiday themed items. I save the box and reuse it every year (which is part of the tradition). I place the box in their bedroom before I go to bed and they wake up on the holiday seeing the Valentine’s box.

This year, I have an 8-year-old and a 4-year-old that will receive Valentine’s Day boxes. At these ages my kids find equality important, so the boxes are filled with identical items that work for both age ranges. I do personalize each box with one item that is different. As the kids get older, I can see these boxes becoming 100% personalized containing items that match the sports they play or their hobbies. Right now, the holiday themed items from the “dollar bins” make them happy.

Gift Ideas with a T1D Theme

If you looking to fill a box or give a gift, here is a list of T1D themed items:

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